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Collecting Sounds Around the World

by Max LL

Passerby 02:37
Gobi 02:05
Winter sets its pace for us We cling to scrapes of coal We’ve been waiting for the light imprisoned in our coats I’ll try to remember, even when I’ve left They still endure the cold
Mandalay 04:01
I sit inside to rest my weary knees The staring begins; I feel a grin Cutting through my cheeks And I know I can’t change you But I know I’ll remember how pure You are and how vain it makes me feel To wish the world and resent a place You would like to proudly call your Home And I know I can’t change you But I know I’ll remember the smiles And cries that made me who I am The beauty and the sympathy that shook my prudent hand And I’ll try to remember
Innate 04:31
When I saw the scale of the spoils Your bare-naked feet blend with soil The noise of the street drowning us I wanted out You couldn’t do as I did Leave all behind and escape Cover your tracks and your fate No matter how hard you try You’ll stay inside You wanted out I couldn’t get it You wanted out I couldn’t give it Is there anything that I can do to save you from it all? Telling you how good you are won’t ease the fall But I’m sure you’ll find your own way Planting the seeds every day Changing the lines of the script Re-writing life as a gift You wanted out I couldn’t give it You wanted out You were born in it You wanted out I couldn’t give it You wanted out You’ll make it out your own way
Flight 02:50
Pokhara 02:41
Gatherings 01:50
Kind wind, vast plains Whispering a song without a name This endless breath has made me wonder “If it’s all enough, why do we want more”? Say the words to me And try to understand Say the words to me And take my hand Why can’t you see? “We’re all the same”


Collecting Sounds Around the World was written during my travels in India, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal & several other countries.

The compositions have been inspired by the fascinating cultures, people & friends I've encountered during my journeys. This album would never have seen the light of day without them.


Music & Lyrics composed, arranged & performed by Maxime Lacoste Lebuis

Percussions in "Mandalay" performed by William Dubé //Vocals in "A Moment of Silence" performed by Maude Plante-Husaruk // Piano in "Pokhara" performed by Nicolas Dupuis

Artwork by Maude Plante-Husaruk


released July 17, 2014

All songs were mixed, engineered & produced by Maxime Lacoste Lebuis

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all rights reserved



Max LL Montreal, Québec

Max LL (Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis), is a Canadian film composer and multi-instrumentalist who’s been crafting evocative musical works for picture for nearly a decade. His music has been performed by Montreal’s Metropolitan Orchestra and is regularly featured in films, games and audio-visual projects around the globe. ... more

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